Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekly news: The gecko is coming!

So sinterklaas has gone back to Spain now. I can finally reveal my creation!

It is based on 2 Geckos a friend of mine has. The one I made to sit on my rock is the oldest. She (the Gecko, not my friend) is called Deianera, after Herakles' wife. The other one is called Iole, aslo from Herakles myths. So I made her from paper mache, in the same way as I did the rock.

A tutorial is coming soon! I have some probs with my camera, but as soon as I have worked it out I am going to post it!

Not much to tell otherwise.

Thatsit for now! keep watching!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weekly newsletter: rocks, rocks, rocks

This week I have only been working on my paper maché rock. I think I am goig to finish it today, but I am not sure. I have till 5 december, that's wednesday, to finish it. That's when sinterklaas is celebrated and it's also my sister's birthday!

Also, my favorite minecraft server, Firetop Games, is busy making an RPG server, with races (mmsupernatural plugin for those who are interested), classes (warrior, archer, bandit and mage, with 4 subclasses each), and much more. I expect the public beta to be open very soon! click the link and read the newsupdates!