Tuesday, 27 November 2012

paper Maché Rock

Another creative creation for you (finally!!!)! It is going to be a rock! Now don't look at me like that. rocks are very interesting and hard to make!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Weekly news: absolutely nothing

hey guys! how are you doing?

today I have absolutely nothing to tell you... that's really weird. i have had a busy week and I am off to go to a birthday party in 3 hours.

I hope I have more to tell you soon!

Oh, and I am not sure of what to do with the helm I made. please post some suggestions!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly news: Walking rocks and plastic figures

Hi all!

I know, I know, it is monday already. I kind of squandered blogger this weekend. It was a little busy (and on top of that, I was lost in the woods near my home with Romme :D)

So what has happened this week?

1) For my birthday, Romme (ram9bo), Daan (some of you might know him on Firetop or youtube as Danarvus), Jeroen (Firetop name: blacksun21), and my friend Marcel pooled their money together for a LEGO set: Uruk-Hai Army!
Other gifts were bouncing balls, chocolate letters, a kilo of what we call pepernoten, literally translated into pepper nuts, which are little ginger cookies (around 0,75 centimeters in diametres, shaped as a half globe). I also got a lot of money (which, not knowing any other present, I asked for). i am planing to buy mincraft premium with it, and also maybe the next DLC for skyrim, Dragonborn.

2) Which brings us to a new subject! A new DLC is on the way! It will be called Dragonborn, and the main plot will be set on the isle of solstheim. We will also be able to visit the daedric realm of knowlege and wisdom, apocrypha, which i think is intruiging. From the trailer, it might be possible to ride dragons, and goblins (which are probably Rieklings) are making a comeback! google it to see it!

3) The creation kit has been updated (the game itself was updated, but the CK couldnt handle the version. That's why I couldn't acces my mods), so i am back to Skyrim modding! I added an Earth Elemental that can be summoned!

4) I made a kneading-gum helm of Yngol when I was bored:
(This photo is actually taken on a reversed webcam, so it isnt great quality :P)

I think that's it for today! keep watching!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weekly news

Hi people!

following an advice from Romme, I'll begin posting a weekly newsletter on what I am doing! I will post this every week from now on, probarebly every friday/saturday. For this week I have some news already:

So here it comes:

1) My mod. Because Bethesda just released the new update, 1.8 (which contains all kinds of spoilers on a new DLC, including spears, dragon riding and a trip to solstheim, google 'Skyrim DLC solstheim' for more info!). However, this update is not creation kit (CK) compatible, so I am unable do any modding until the Ck is updated.

2) The mod owner of the true lichdom project has not logged in on his account on the nexus forums since 10 oktobre, so I can't help with that either.

3) 6 november was my birthday! I am 14 now!

4) the large project -which I hinted at earlier- is a paper maché helmet, based on the helm of yngol (google it). I have finished the helm itself, but I can't decide how to continue, or find the time for it (it has been fairly busy since the autumn holiday, in which I went on vacation to Austria). if you have any feedback/advice, please post a comment!

That's it for this week! Keep watching!