Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekly news: The gecko is coming!

So sinterklaas has gone back to Spain now. I can finally reveal my creation!

It is based on 2 Geckos a friend of mine has. The one I made to sit on my rock is the oldest. She (the Gecko, not my friend) is called Deianera, after Herakles' wife. The other one is called Iole, aslo from Herakles myths. So I made her from paper mache, in the same way as I did the rock.

A tutorial is coming soon! I have some probs with my camera, but as soon as I have worked it out I am going to post it!

Not much to tell otherwise.

Thatsit for now! keep watching!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weekly newsletter: rocks, rocks, rocks

This week I have only been working on my paper maché rock. I think I am goig to finish it today, but I am not sure. I have till 5 december, that's wednesday, to finish it. That's when sinterklaas is celebrated and it's also my sister's birthday!

Also, my favorite minecraft server, Firetop Games, is busy making an RPG server, with races (mmsupernatural plugin for those who are interested), classes (warrior, archer, bandit and mage, with 4 subclasses each), and much more. I expect the public beta to be open very soon! click the link and read the newsupdates!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

paper Maché Rock

Another creative creation for you (finally!!!)! It is going to be a rock! Now don't look at me like that. rocks are very interesting and hard to make!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Weekly news: absolutely nothing

hey guys! how are you doing?

today I have absolutely nothing to tell you... that's really weird. i have had a busy week and I am off to go to a birthday party in 3 hours.

I hope I have more to tell you soon!

Oh, and I am not sure of what to do with the helm I made. please post some suggestions!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly news: Walking rocks and plastic figures

Hi all!

I know, I know, it is monday already. I kind of squandered blogger this weekend. It was a little busy (and on top of that, I was lost in the woods near my home with Romme :D)

So what has happened this week?

1) For my birthday, Romme (ram9bo), Daan (some of you might know him on Firetop or youtube as Danarvus), Jeroen (Firetop name: blacksun21), and my friend Marcel pooled their money together for a LEGO set: Uruk-Hai Army!
Other gifts were bouncing balls, chocolate letters, a kilo of what we call pepernoten, literally translated into pepper nuts, which are little ginger cookies (around 0,75 centimeters in diametres, shaped as a half globe). I also got a lot of money (which, not knowing any other present, I asked for). i am planing to buy mincraft premium with it, and also maybe the next DLC for skyrim, Dragonborn.

2) Which brings us to a new subject! A new DLC is on the way! It will be called Dragonborn, and the main plot will be set on the isle of solstheim. We will also be able to visit the daedric realm of knowlege and wisdom, apocrypha, which i think is intruiging. From the trailer, it might be possible to ride dragons, and goblins (which are probably Rieklings) are making a comeback! google it to see it!

3) The creation kit has been updated (the game itself was updated, but the CK couldnt handle the version. That's why I couldn't acces my mods), so i am back to Skyrim modding! I added an Earth Elemental that can be summoned!

4) I made a kneading-gum helm of Yngol when I was bored:
(This photo is actually taken on a reversed webcam, so it isnt great quality :P)

I think that's it for today! keep watching!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weekly news

Hi people!

following an advice from Romme, I'll begin posting a weekly newsletter on what I am doing! I will post this every week from now on, probarebly every friday/saturday. For this week I have some news already:

So here it comes:

1) My mod. Because Bethesda just released the new update, 1.8 (which contains all kinds of spoilers on a new DLC, including spears, dragon riding and a trip to solstheim, google 'Skyrim DLC solstheim' for more info!). However, this update is not creation kit (CK) compatible, so I am unable do any modding until the Ck is updated.

2) The mod owner of the true lichdom project has not logged in on his account on the nexus forums since 10 oktobre, so I can't help with that either.

3) 6 november was my birthday! I am 14 now!

4) the large project -which I hinted at earlier- is a paper maché helmet, based on the helm of yngol (google it). I have finished the helm itself, but I can't decide how to continue, or find the time for it (it has been fairly busy since the autumn holiday, in which I went on vacation to Austria). if you have any feedback/advice, please post a comment!

That's it for this week! Keep watching!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

True lichdom

Some of you might know the mod 'true lichdom', which is a mod (its still WIP, and not released yet) that aims on making playable liches in Skyrim. Recently it hasn't been updating, so I decided to give it a boost by applying as a team member of the mod. Sadly, the mod owner hasn't logged in since then (I checked his profile page), so I have not recieved an answer jet. Until that time, I will keep doing minecraft (I am helper on our server now, which means I can instant teleport, kick people and use god mode :D)

a link to the mod:

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Next mod: Druidism!

Hi all! I hope you are doing all right!

I am making a new mod at the moment! It is all
gonna be about Druids, more specifically, druid magic!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Argonian face tutorial

Hello! How are you doing?

It's time for another LEGO tutorial! As you could see in the post 'What's next?', It is going to be an an Argonian (A humanoid reptile/amphibian) face. So here it comes:

Thursday, 20 September 2012

League Of Legends review

Hi all! I trust you are doing well?

Cho'Gaths gentleman skin
I am playing league of legends too! I was kinda infected by ram9bo I guess... anyway, I think it is a neat game, so I am writing a review about it:

Monday, 17 September 2012

Some Skyrim mods!

Hello All! How ya doin?

As some of you may know from reading earlier posts, I am busy creating mods for TES V: Skyrim. among these I have 2 big projects:

Mages Magic wands: Formerly my Oblivion mod, this mod adds several wands to Skyrim's merchants and leveled lists.

A Wizard's Might: This mod add several new spell(effect)s to Skyrim.

I was also busy creating a new mages college somewhere in Falkreath, complete with quests, but that project is a bit behind at the moment and doesn't have a name yet.

 Of course, this sounds ambitious but a little weak when I just say it like this. So, I have some screenies!

A metal or stone wand

A basic wooden wand (my own retexture)

Because some hell of a virus, that I just couldn't remove from my computer, I lost all my modding progress, both my ESP files as my own new textures. I should have put them on my USB, as I did with all of my blog photos...

Anyway, there were only 2 new textures (I think), but the ESP loss numbers in the hours...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The thousandth vieuw!


I just noticed that I am over 1000 vieuws! whahoo!

also, I AM working on mister argonian, and I have all the photos I need, but as school has begun again I can barely spend time on it. Keep watching!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

What's next?


I am working on a new tutorial again! within two weeks we will have another tutorial!
A little spoiler:
keep on the lookout! see you soon!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Kajiit face tutorial


I was just tinkering with some LEGO bricks, when I got an idea to make a Khajiit (a humanoid cat) face! So here is the result:

In this post I am going to show you step by step how to make this creation. You can make a Khajiit statue, or reshape it into a quadruped cat. That's up to you!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Thursday, 2 August 2012

animated GIFs!

Hello all! How are you doing?

My sister has a lifestyle/food (with which I mean (cup)cakes, cookies and pies XD) blog. She wanted to show off her clothes she wore some time ago, and asked me if I wanted to make a GIF of it! So here you can see the result:

                                    here is a link to my sisters' blog: Cupcake Cuisine                     

It is actually easy, if you know how to do it! I only managed it after my 9th try, but that was mainly because photoshop can't open GIFs, so you have to do it right in one try! And overwriting is really annoying sometimes, when you almost got it right!

I am going to write a tutorial next time I make a post, along with some new GIFs I am going to make


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

HOMM: lich


This time I created a clay lich from Heroes Of Might And Magic:

These are the best units of the necropolis armies, even though they are only tier 5 creatures (of 7). They shoot of rays of green light wich spread clouds of green gas that hurts anyone around the target.

The lich is largely shaped from one piece of clay, to avoid it breaking. as you might see its right shoulder pauldron is broken off, because it wasn't a piece of the initial block of clay.
Its staff is a real twig of a plant that grows in my garden.

Here you see some close-ups of its face and the grasping, evil-looking hand:
 The power to rule the world is in the palm of my hand!
Good day to you!

Well, that's it for today, I hope to write another post later!

Friday, 20 July 2012

In Dutch?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if you would like it if i wrote my blog in both Dutch and English. If you have an opinion on this matter, please fill in the poll above! Thanks!

Hallo allemaal!

Ik denk er over na om mijn blog in zowel Nederlands als Engels te schrijven. Als je hier een mening over hebt, wil je dan alsjeblieft de poll hierboven invullen? Bedankt!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More Minecraft creatures

Hello all! How are you doing?

Here are some more Minecraft creatures I built with LEGO. The most destructive mobs in minecraft, after the creeper: a bust of an enderman and a ghast:

The enderman appears at night from it's home plane, the End, and picks up blocks as it wanders. They can do considerable damage to your house (Or so I am told, endermen never seem to beat up my houses XD)

Sadly, I couldn't find any black bricks, so I couldn't give him any legs. But I think it looks pretty cool as it is.

The ghast:

This annoying, white, flying baby roams the Nether (hell) and spits fireballs at anything it sees.
Some of the white bricks are a little yellowed... But that;s okay :)

Well, that's it for today! Keep a look out for further updates!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wolf mask (With tutorial)

Hi! How are you doing?

I couldn't post this one yesterday, But there were problems with my modem so I couldn't acces the internet.

So here is my next creation: a wolf mask I made from paper maché (is that a correct term?) in side, front and three-quarter vieuw:

Tuesday, 3 July 2012



I am sorry I haven;t written any posts last week, but that is because we had exam week at school, so I had to study hard.

so, this is something I made quickly in my spare time. It is standing on my computer at the moment, as room decoration.

for anyone who doesn't know the creeper yet:
A creeper is a humanoid creature without arms, but with 4 legs, from the game Minecraft. They have a permanent sad expression on their face. They only spawn at night, and when they see sou they soundlessly creep up to you, make a hissing noise and explode.

a comparison with an in-game one:


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Logo concept art


I have done my best to create some awesome logo's. I am sure I will put the best on banners for my eventual Skyrim mod.

so here they come:

Here you see the original troll logo idea, along with some failed experiments. The one in the middle looks the most like my last idea, shown further down. How did I do this? I bagan with a circle. Then I added the eyes and nose, and then the teeth. I thought it looked a bit bare, so I added the cheeckbones and the concave forehead and cheecks. You can also see this with in-game troll skulls.

Next is the idea for the eye. I began with the eye itself, then I wanted it to look a bit like the sun, so I added the upper- and underside lines. then, of course, the left and the right. Then, because it looked square, I added the corner 'peanuts'

A still unused logo, wich I like pretty well. It's a tree on a starry field. This might be used as a banner or flag for some kind of druid/forest village. To the right is another idea, where the tree is much more 'alive' and human-looking.

Here you see the stages of development
 for the tree. I began as a leaf, but that was just too bare. Then I made a tree wich branched all the way to the edge of the logo, but I thought it looked too scematic. Then I got it right, in one try :).

Next is a symbol for a town. I did it all with half circles and triangles, giving it a nice abstract feeling

Here is a failed attempt to create a goat :P I'm not going to say anymore about it XD.

Two very recent ones:

This might be a logo for a warrior or assasin group. I bagan with the triangle and the pommels. Then, I added the hilts. Then I finished it. I think it looks rather good actually.

Something... rosy. This might be the logo of some knightly order, 'the order of the red rose' or 'the knights of the rose'. Or it could be the logo of an assasin guild. 'The order of the bloody rose' sounds nice.

That's it for today. I will think of what I am going to do now. Maybe some more LEGO?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A change...


I have renamed my blog today!
I thought 'lego creations' was too short of a theme, so I renamed it into 'fantasy creations', so I can also post posts (XD) from other things like minecraft and more of my skyrim mods. This does not mean, however, that I wont be making any LEGO's anymore. Like this I can also make posts in the week days.

The URL will be the same however, '' is just fine.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Something else :)


I haven't made any LEGOs this week because I've been making this:

1) a banner for am mage-like guild:

 2) a banner for a troll village:
I have to admid I have been making these instead of LEGO :). And I really wanted to show you something. I made them with photoshop using an old banner texture for the needed sizes. The trollbanner is a retexture of the imperial legion banner, and I made the other entirely myself. It is really hard to put in detail in those banners, nearly every pixel has a new color, so I have to do that as well. That's why you can see those light spots... I was a little too enthusiast XD.
I am not sure what I am going to do with. Maybe I will put it on th skyrimnexus (the website where everybody puts his mods for other people) as a modders resource, or make it a complete mod!
The reason why they are centered to the right is because of a bug with the creation kit, somehow the textures are put a little to the left. This seems to change a little if you rename your texture. If I call the mage banner 'magebanner' it is wrong in-game, if I call it 'magebanner(4)' it works... very misterious...

An in-game picture of the troll banner at Dragonsreach:

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Skyrim/LOTR: Spider

Hi! If you read my last post (saying I was ill monday and tuesday, so I couldn't make something new), none of it is true! I still had an unmade idea left:


a view of her on my (once again expanded) mountain:

Her fighting some brave true sons of Skyrim:
Maybe you are thinking now: why does he expand his mountain everytime? Well that is because It is my best (maybe my only in history :P) piece of scenery ever. it really suits to Skyrim's enviroment, so I can use it over and over again. And to keep you from bored, I expand it everytime I use it (it is actually bigger than on the pictures than right now, but only about 3 2X1 bricks). Everytime I find another diogonal or normal grey block I put it on the mountain (It would take me about 10 minutes to just find one, so I just keep a lookout). So I don't have any grey remaining in my brick-, uuh, how do you call it? a pull-out thing in a dresser? Or my beam-(insert word).
An underside view. It is really hard to see the transition from the thorax to the abdomen (latin term alert!) because I chose to make a compact build, more like a Skyrim Frostbite spider than Shelob from LOTR. However, this spider is black, unlike Frostbites who are red.

A size comparison with my hand. Keep in mind that I am 13 and have very broad, short-fingered hands:
It all began with just the legs. Then I made the grey circle, on wich I builded the eyes, then filled the body up with black bricks. Then I covered it with those curved bricks. I thought it didn't really look like a spider, so I added the abdomen (again latin XD). It is under tension, so it has fallen off about twenty times, along with the back 2 legs. That's really annoying, you know. Especially because it's so hard to put back in place again.

I might have inspiration to make something new next weekend. Until then! And dont forget to post comments and suggestions, and answer my poll above!