Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mountain with Mammoth


I am sorry it took me so long to make a new creation, but school has kept me busy over the last few weeks!

Well, here it is:

It pictures a mammoth (from Skyrim) walking along a mountainside, next to a river. There is no giant to herd him however. maybe he is killed by a dragon?

Some close-ups:

The mammoth is almost completely made of round, four-knob bricks, wich I covered in different types of bricks, like wooden-pole bricks, diogonal bricks, those bricks that have both horizontal and vertical grooves, and normal smooth bricks. The head and ears are entirely made out of diogonal bricks, and later on attached to the body.

And the mountain:
This is actually a rebuilt piece of the cillf from the Cliffside Camp, but highered, extended for a bit, and covered with plant growth and moss. I have also made a cave on the back-right. You might not see it on this picture, but the upper one shows it of quite nicely. the mountain is exactly 35 pices high (this was not on purpose, discovered it later).

some tips when building your own mountain:
1) use standard cliff pieces as a frame! It was very hard to build higher than the old cliff because I had nothing left to build on!
2) If you don't have those, make support beams every 10 pieces high or so. This will also prevent you mountain for collapsing completely, instead collapsing only for a little bit. later on you can put plank bricks on the support beams to make floors for dungeons (I did this too and made a little draugr battle for good old Dovahkiin :P).
3) Don't worry if your mountain looks unnatural. I go to France almos every year, and some of those mountains really look as if they had been made.
4) use diogonal bricks in plenty.
5) add plant growth later! details always go last!
6) If you don't want to make your mountain in natural colors, or if you don't have enough bricks in that color, whatever! You don't have to satisfy people looking at your blog :P.

Well, that is it for now! I hope you come back often and tell your friends about this blog!
check again next weekend for a new creation!


  1. OMFG, that mammoth has red eyes, like it is gonna kill you. AARGH it's freaks me out!!!

  2. can you make some more pictures of this mountain or make a tutorial vid